Radiation Control

The Radiation Control Center (RCC) is part of the Occupational Health, Safety & Compliance group within UHealth. Please feel free to reach out to the RCC for more information or assistance.

COVID-19 Information:

Because we know how important it is to continue our research work and with the "new normal" because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have modified our program to continue education and training during this time. The first change is that for the time being, we are only training new isotope users. Expiration and Renewal of Technician. Level Authorizations are temporarily suspended.

Contact Us:

By phone 305-243-6369 or 305-243-6360


Pass by our main office at the RMSB, room 1081A.

Ramses Herrera
Director/Radiation Safety Officer
Radiation Control
UHealth, Occupational Health, Safety & Compliance

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Radiation Control Center

University of Miami